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All About Truepad

The official Truepad is the India's first anonymous platform, on Truepad you can laugh, think, discuss and dig deep into topics that matter to you. Truepad is free and open for everyone to post, share, like and discuss.

Featured of Truepad
* Connect with anonymous people
*Share your post in the form of Text, Photos, Videos and Audio
*Like and comment on other people's post and let them know about how you feel about there Point of view
*Get notified when someone likes your post, comments and follow you
*Make your own channel and Increase your followers

You can anonymously  share your passion for your favorite books, your feelings, your review on a Movies, Video games, Sports, TV shows, Music, Technology and News with other people who likes and comment on your post
With Trupad's official app, you can see the recent trending things on Internet, Discover breaking news first, viral video clips, funny jokes, and hot memes. The official Truepad app makes it easy to find the topics most relevant for you, with an infinite scroll of content streams including, Text, Images, Audio and videos, night mode, and a lightning fast-loading interface.
You can also make your own channel where you can motivate everyone with some motivation text and photos, people can also follow your channel to hear some more of you, If you have some questions to ask to anonymous people, you just start your text with #asktruepad, for example " #asktruepad  Heyyy, what should I watch on Netflix today.    PS- funny movies only"

So, what are you waiting for, Download and tell your Friends and Family to download the application, Truepad is only available for users age 13 and over.

For paid promotion and Advertising contact us at truepadincorporation@gmail.com

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Download Truepad today for the high quality content you’ve been looking for, right at your fingertips. Click on the download button below and within moments you’ll be able to enjoy this application anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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